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General Salangi meets with representatives of Herat civil society institutions



General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister met with representatives of Herat civil society institutions and head of Herat women council.
First Herat women council provided a brief overview of Herat security situation particularly the challenges that female members of the society experience on day today basis and praised good performance of the police forces in Herat province.

Subsequently civil society representatives of Herat province discussed some of the security challenges that civil society institutions and particularly female members are dealing with in Herat province.
At the end, general salangi retreated the commitment of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior and Afghan National Police in providing protection and security for all members of the society including women.
He further stated ANP in Herat province will use all its capacities and resources to provide protection and required security for female members of Herat province so they can be active members of the society like their fellow men.

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