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MOI Delegations Visits CF 333


Noorulhaq Ulomi Minister of Interior Affairs and General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi Deputy Minister of Interior with other MOI senior officials visited Commando Force 333 (CF 333).
CF 333 is a counter-insurgency police commando force based in Logar Province but available for and capable of high-risk nationwide special mission employment.
CF 333 conducts intelligence-led strike and detention operations in high-risk and hostile environments in order to isolate the insurgency and to support sustainable governance.
In this visit MOI delegation which was accompanied by senior ANA officials highly applauded outstanding performance of CF 333 special police forces in tackling insurgents in Afghanistan.

Moreover, MOI Minister and Senior Deputy Minister, MoD Deputy General Chief of Staff and other ANSF senior officials awarded promotions, appreciation letters and cash grants to a number of CF 333 special police forces.
In addition, MOI minister and his delegation observed CF 333 military exercises in which attack helicopters were used to provide air support for a counter insurgency operation.
At the end of these exercises, MOI minister praised speedy and outstanding performance of CF 333 and said that “ANP Special Forces enjoy fully trust of the people of Afghanistan”.


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