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MOI budget committee holds its first meeting



Today the first meeting of MOI budget committee was held under the chairmanship of Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Minister of Interior.
In this meeting which was attended by deputy minister for counter narcotics, deputy minister for policy and strategy and acting deputy minister for support, a number of issues were discussed about effective implementation of MOI programs, transparent budgeting, and spending for 1394.

Gen. Salangi talked about transparency and accountability in MOI budget expenditures and fight against administrative corruption as MOI top priorities. Furthermore he elaborated MOI strategic objectives including fostering law and order, strengthening counter terrorism efforts, ensuring law enforcement, reducing crimes, fighting against corruption, strengthening management and strategic communication systems within MOI through institutional building and reforms, professionalism, delivering quality policing services for Afghanistan citizens, building trust between public and police and improving support and resource services in the next few years.

Meanwhile, MOI deputies for counter narcotics, policy and strategy and acting deputy interior minister for support and a number of budget committee members discussed their perspectives and presented constructive recommendations regarding financial and budgetary issues and appropriate measures that need to be taken immediately and in the longer run

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