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General Salangi’s Trip to Kondoz province


General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister, General Murad Ali Murad and some other senior ANSF officials from MOI, MOD and NDS visited Konduz province to assess security situation, contribute in leading the fighting against enemies and give morale to ANSF.
One of the main intentions behind this trip was to manage effective command and control of ANSF deployed in Konduz and foster good coordination with other ANSF institutions in executing counter-insurgency and clearance operations against the enemies of Afghanistan.

As soon as General Salangi and his delegation arrived in Konduz city an emergency meeting was held which was attended by ANSF and provincial senior officials on ANSF preparedness and precise counter-insurgency operations planning and coordination. The aim of this meeting was to give morale to ANSF, create better coordination, strengthen good cooperation and communication, devise counter-insurgency plans and lead effective fight to defeat the enemies.

While meeting with combat security officers in Konduz, General Salangi emphasized on ANSF capabilities and stated that “enemies of Afghanistan want to promote propagation against our people, conduct terroristic activities and kill civilian people, they can never stand up and fight against our security forces” mean while he added that “our ANSF now have the required capacities to defend Afghanistan, fight enemies and ensure security of Afghanistan”.

coordination center of 209 Shaheen corps, and expressed gratitude to the great performance of ANSF against the enemies of Afghanistan.
Also, General Salangi told the security forces in Kondoz to show their heroism and courage in fighting against the enemies and never let our enemies to put into practice their evil plans in Afghanistan.

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