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General Salangi’s meeting with UN Security Sanctions Committee / UNAMA


Today General Salangi met with representatives of UNAMA Joint Analysis and Planning Unit and UN Security Sanctions Committee’s new report on Afghanistan.
In this meeting Gen. Salangi provided a brief overview of security situation across the country and various insurgent groups functioning in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile the UN representatives shared some of their recent concerns over security situation of Afghanistan and raised a number of questions particularly about ammunitions and weapons used by the enemies of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Gen. Salanig expressly explained various issues about insurgent and terrorist groups and institutions in Afghanistan and how they are being supported, trained, sheltered, equipped and armed to conduct terroristic activities in Afghanistan.
UNAMA representatives will use all the information that is provided to them by the Afghan officials to be reflected in upcoming report that will be soon produced by the UN Security Sanctions Committee.

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