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General Salangi’s Trip to Paktika for Eid Greetings and introduction of the new PCOP to Paktika


General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister participated in a gathered of Paktika provincial officials and council members and offered greetings and congratulations on the occasion of Eid.
The Eid gathering which was attended by Paktika provincial governor, provincial council members, tribal elders, and Paktia local people was inaugurated by opening remarks by some influential figures of Pakita who expressed their gratitude to ANSF and declared their support to the government of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile General Salangi appreciated their generous support and assistance and thanked the people for their contributions by sending their offspring to ANSF and taking an active part in anti- terrorism fight. Gen. Salangi further added that Afghanistan is our joint homeland therefore it is up to us to safeguard and secure this homeland.

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