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General Salangi Meets with LTG Saparov Okas, Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan



n this meeting General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister thanked the government of Kazakhstan for its sincere economic and educational cooperation to the people and government of Afghanistan and asked for continuation of such partnership and assistance particularly in counter narcotics efforts.
General Salangi elaborated that Afghanistan is the main victim of international terrorism and thus fighting against terrorism requires solid regional cooperation and we ask the central Asian countries to support Afghanistan in fighting against terrorism and contribute in stabilizing the region.

In addition, General Salangi pointing to Kazakhstan’s recent developments in equipment and technology production, requested the Kazakhstan delegation for support and assistance especially in the areas of equipment, logistics, military supplies to strengthen Afghanistan’s National Police forces.
Meanwhile LTG Saparov Okas, Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan who was leading Kazakhstan’s delegation to Afghanistan praised the performance of Afghanistan’s National Security Forces in anti-terrorism fighting. He stipulated that Kazakhstan has high potential in military equipment production, repairing and technology and his country is ready to support Afghanistan in these areas if there is interest and willingness.

TG Sparov Okas asked General Salangi to send a delegation to Kazakhstan to see their military equipment, technology and repairing factories.
General Salangi appreciated LTG Sparov’s offer for Afghanistan to pay a visit to his country and said that in the future a delegation from Afghan Ministry of Interior will plan a trip to Kazakhstan.

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