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ANSF senior officials’ trip to the north and north eastern provinces to assess security situation General



Salangi, deputy minister of interior for security affairs, General Qadam Shah Shahem general chief of staff of the army and deputy director of national directorate of security traveled to Baghlan, Faryab, Badakshan, Takhar, and Konduz provinces to assess security situation and support counter insurgency efforts.

The main purpose of this trip was to assess security situation and ANSF preparations for counter insurgency efforts in norther and norther eastern provinces of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile General Salangi, General Qadamshah and other senior ANSF official praised the bravery, dedication and commitment of national security forces who are fighting bravely against enemies of Afghanistan.

As part of this trip ANSF senior officials provided required support to carry out clearance operations to pave the way for the repair of power cables damaged during recent clashes in Dadnd Shahabudin area of Baghlan province Furthermore.

ANSF senior officials met with provincial governors, representatives of people, provincial council members, and provincial security officials about their challenges, security difficulties, and ANSF preparation to conduct counter insurgency operations and support local uprisings against the enemies of Afghanistan.

ANSF senior generals appreciated public support and insisted on significance of civil military cooperation in bringing security, prosperity and tranquility. During this trip, General Salangi and General Qadamshah awarded certificates of appreciation to all ANSF members who have shown bravery and dedication in fighting against the enemies of Afghanistan and defending national territories of Afghanistan.

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