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General Salangi meets with representatives of Herat civil society institutions


  General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister met with representatives of Herat civil society institutions and head of Herat women council. First Herat women council provided a brief overview of Herat security situation particularly the challenges that female members of the society experience on day today basis and praised good performance of the police forces in Herat province. ... Read More »

Deputy Minister Salangi visits Germany to learn about crisis management


Germany, March 2015. Civil crisis management was the main focus of a study trip by the Deputy Minister of Interior for Security, General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi to Germany. The visit between 15 to 21 March involved a fully packed agenda, visiting several German (Police) institutions, including the Ministry of Interior, the Fedearl Police and the Foreign Office and the Federal ... Read More »

General Salangi’s Security Briefing in IPCB meeting


Today General Mohammad Ayoub, Senior Deputy Interior Minister for security briefed IPCB members on analysis of overall security situation and threats in Afghanistan as well as discussed the level of preparations and planning by the Ministry of Interior for fighting season. He added that the position of the enemy in Afghanistan have become weakened and they no longer enjoy public ... Read More »

54 firefighting trucks donated to the Ministry of Interior


European Union and CSTCA donated 54 firefighting trucks to MOI’s directorate of fire and disaster police. In a ceremony that was organized in MOI’s directorate of fire and disaster police, European Union and CSTCA officially handed over the donated vehicles to Mohammad Ayoub Slangi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister in presence of other MOI senior officials and PMs. The donation would ... Read More »

Visiting Avalanch-Struck Areas in Panjshir Province


General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Senior Deputy Minister together with acting Minster of Defense visited Panshir province to assess the avalanche-struck areas triggered by heavy snow in Panjshir province and also find better solutions for rescued the affected people. After an aerial assessment of the regions affected by the avalanche in Panjshir districts, they went to Panshir provincial headquarters to meet ... Read More »